Creatives We Love

Here's a bunch of awesome Creatives we love...and you might too! 

So please go and check them out and have a look for yourself!

Crossfade Productions

Graphic, Video & Audio Design Studio

Crossfade Productions specialise in a number of artwork and branding areas including:

Logo Design, Album Artwork, Website Design and Video Creation/Editing.

Crossfade have produced some of our most popular designs; Hellephant, Everything's Rosy and Death Moth!

They're incredible to work with & are super efficient - hit them up for any of your artwork or branding needs!


Heathen Waxworks

Hand Carved Candles

Hand carved, hand painted and uniquely scented candles. 
"Embracing the weird, the mystical and the bizarre"


Headsplit Design

The Art of Remy C

Remy is an incredible artist who has worked with bands from all over the world, including; Whitechapel, Thy Art Is Murder and Arch Enemy. He always has amazing designs for sale as well as taking on commission work.


Watchmaker Studios

Photography & Videography

Watchmaker Studios offer photography and videography services specialising in music, portraiture and art. Head-honcho Topher is registered with the Guild of Photographers, ensuring you receive the quality and passion needed for your images.


Absolute Tabletop

Independent Tabletop RPG Publisher

Absolute Tabletop are "a community-driven, independent tabletop RPG publisher with a passion for the big picture, a devotion to the little details, and a knack for making products you'll actually want to use at your game table."

As well as producing new tabletop gaming materials, they also host a fantastic gaming community group on Facebook.

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