Dice Trays & Dice Chests

Dice Trays & Dice Chests


Reclaimed wood dice trays and dice chests - a fantastic eco-friendly addition to your gaming table!


The Dice Trays are handmade entirely from reclaimed wood, with a marbled red vegan leatherette rolling surface. Each Dice Tray has been coated with beeswax for a natural finish, and comes with a divider which is ideal for keeping unused dice out of the way, and felt feet to protect your table surfaces. Laser etched branding including our logos and slogan " Roll Crits // Slay Pits" have all been added to finish.


The Dice Chests are upcycled and have been sanded, reinforced at the base, along with a red felt lining, and all fixtures and fittings have been removed and refitted to make sure everything is solid and secure. A new coat of matt vanish, felt feet and UKTR printed branding have all been added to finish.


Made in collaboration with Goth Wood - check out their Instagram page @goth.wood to follow all of their projects, as well as their Etsy store!