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Medusa T-Shirt


Medusa // Gorgo // Μέδουσα

A truly classic figure of Greek mythology, Medusa, is the most infamous of the three monsterous Gorgons.

Most know the story of how Medusa fell to Perseus, but her backstory is far more fascinating...and tragic - it's well worth looking up!

The long & short of it...Medusa got done dirty by shitty Gods and cursed into the monstrous form we know.



Black and light grey design printed onto a comfy charcoal coloured 100% combed cotton t-shirt.


Size Chest (to fit):

S - 36-38" // M - 40-42" // L - 44-46" // XL - 48-50" // XXL - 50-52"

Medusa T-Shirt

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