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Our very own, completely FREE, little Tabletop RPG for you to enjoy and pass the time in isolation!


Suitable for those who have never played a TTRPG before, as well as there being enough in it for veterans of roleplaying games. We've kept the "maths" involved super simple, so that anyone wanting to play this with key stage one children can get in a bit of "educational fun" and mix up the home learning.


The game is "setting neutral" meaning you can play this in any kind of setting you'd like - fantasy, modern day, futuristic, as well as the backdrops of your favourite TV shows & films; Marvel Universe, Game of Thones etc. 


We've provided pre-made Character and Enemy Tropes for you to add some flesh and personality to, so you can just jump in and get playing!


Our wonderful character artwork has been provided by our good friend Adam Grant of Explosive Barrel Art (creator of our "Brains" tee design)


We've even created a little scenario for you to play through - Into The Bleakspire - to help you get to grips with the rules and maybe even TTRPG's in general! It's setting neutral, so whoever is playing the role of the "Creator" will just need to add their own descriptors as they go to suit the backdrop you're playing to.

There are parts where we only give you some encounter or obstacle ideas, so be ready to fill in the gaps with whatever your imagination comes up with! 


Happy gaming guys!!

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