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About Hearthfire Tales

Hearthfire Tales is a Chart Topping Actual Play podcast from Ireland, telling tales in Lethuan, the land of Might, Magic, and METAL! With characters, stories, and the world inspired by metal and rock music, Hearthfire Tales is the perfect mix of Comedy, Action, and Drama, chock full of band references for you to enjoy! With custom music written and performed by the cast, this Podcast is a favourite for all Heavy Metal Nerds.

The Setting & Story

As never before monstrosities and aberrations begin to terrorize Lethuan, Sid, a 17 year old Punk-Rock Ranger, sets out from the great college commune of "Town", with his mutant rat companion Fink, on their thesis quest to document the evolution and activity of these monsters. Early on, he meets Conn, a Dad-Rock Ex-Paladin, who has lost it all, and is desperately seeking a new sword. With Conn taking Sid under his wing, the pair unwittingly enter a local Battle of the Bands, and set on a course that will forever change their lives.

Hearthfire Tales Live

Hearthfire Tales are also well known for their vibrant live shows, full of audience interaction, comedy, and chaos, performing in conventions all across Ireland, as well as putting on their own performances in Theatres in Dublin.

Check Out Hearthfire Tales Here:

*Links here include: Podcast links, Merch Store, Discord Server, Instagram, Twitter, and Matty Makes (dice & accessories)

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