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Working with bands has been a big part of our brand ethos ever since we launched our first incarnation of UKTR 2014, and this has continued since our re-launch in 2018.

We've been in bands, toured extensively, played festivals, designed merch; we've lived the band life for the best part of two decades; it's what UKTR was born from!




We've also worked with DnD Celebs and Content Creators, in recent times!

If what you do is Heavy Metal or DnD/TTRPG adjacent - or if you just think our vibe will suit you and what you do - then get in touch and we can see what we can come up with together!

We've had enquiries from TTRPG Publishers and even Wrestlers in the past, so we're open to working on a whole bunch of fun projects!

We currently have two options available:



COLLABORATIONS are a mutually beneficial way of working together, but require a minimum social media following for marketing reach and potential sales (approx 25k+ across social platforms).

A minimum of 25 pre-sales is required, with 50+ being the desired target number.

Collaboration Basics:

  • UKTR create a garment design based on the Collaborator's design brief.

  • All the Collaborator has to do is send us their logo, along with the design brief.

  • Once the design is approved, mock-ups will be created, and quotes acquired from our printers to work out costs and profit splits between the Collaborator and UKTR.

  • Once costs, sale price, and profit splits are agreed, a Pre-Order Campaign will be agreed and set-up.

  • Both the Collaborator and UKTR will advertise the garments for the duration of the campaign, however, the majority of advertisement will come from the Collaborator, as they have direct reach to their followers.

  • A very Limited Run of garments (25-100) will be available for purchase, via the UKTR website only.

  • This Limited Run will be designed to SELL OUT, with only limited additional stock being ordered at the Collaborators expense, and only on a case-by-case basis.

  • The printing process and garment fulfilment will be overseen/handled by UKTR.

  • Collaborators pay nothing upfront and receive a pre-agreed split of the profits upon the project's completion.

In a nutshell; Collaborators will get a cash injection and some intense short-term advertisement from UKTR, with little to no work on their part - just advertising the hell out of a short pre-order campaign!

UKTR get the same - only with the bulk of the workload.

And, most importantly, your fans get a unique, super limited, retail quality garment to rep!


COMMISSIONS are far more straightforward. There's no pre-sale, advertisement campaign, printing, or fulfilment from our side with this option, and your social media numbers don't matter either.

Commission Basics:

  • You provide us with a design brief and timeframe, and UKTR provide you a price to complete the work within the requested timeframe.

  • UKTR create a design based on your brief, making edits based on any feedback.

  • When everyone is happy, and the payment has been received, UKTR send over the completed artwork file(s).

If either of these options sound like something you'd be interested in, or you'd like more details about, then fill out the contact form below and we can get talking!

Let’s Work Together!

Thanks for submitting!
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