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We've known Critical Kit - Tim & Sarah - for a little while, having met at various conventions around the UK.

They're awesome people with an awesome brand; creating 5th Edition one-shots along with their own RPGs, and a whole bunch of unique dice sets!

Here's a little about them, in their own words...

Hi, I'm Tim Roberts, and I launched Critical Kit in March 2019. Immediately after I pushed the button to make the site live, I cycled to collect my daughter from school. When I arrived at the gates, the first ping for an order came through on my phone. From that initial start with just nine styles of dice, I’ve been able to grow my little hobby to a stage where it is now a full-time family business (my wife, Sarah, came on board full-time this year). I feel privileged to be involved in an area that I love and to have moved into a career which has afforded me the time to explore my passion for writing as I work towards my creative writing degree.

Critical Kit Ltd.
The core of our business is an extensive range of DnD dice sets, including resin, sharp edge, liquid core and metal dice. Even though we are an e-commerce business, we are privileged to meet our customers, old and new, at the many conventions we attend. This face-to-face interaction with customers also brings valuable feedback on our dice subscription boxes, which I curate each month.

A New Direction…
In the early days, I wrote short stories to go with each set of dice. However, as the number of dice we stocked grew, this became impossible to sustain. I decided to focus my storytelling on creating one-shot adventures such as MacDeath, a murder mystery in the Fey Wild, now available as a free downloadable PDF. To date, I have written 12 one-shots for 5th Edition.

In March of 2022, three years after the launch of Critical Kit, it was a significant highlight of my career to hold an RPG I created in my hands. Be Like A Crow, a solo RPG was 5,000% funded by the amazing backers of Kickstarter, and I am grateful for the opportunity they gave me to move into game development.

D3 (Dice Donation Drive)
Through my love of role-playing games, I have gained insight into the many other benefits and the value they bring to people. Not only are they fun, but they are also therapeutic and educational. Putting on an OFSTED hat, they offer the development of math and English skills through play - what could be better? To help promote DnD for education and social interaction, we launched an initiative named D3 (Dice Donation Drive) to provide free DnD dice sets to schools and groups running DnD clubs for young children/adults. We wouldn't be able to do this if it wasn't for our dice subscription boxes, and we are grateful for the opportunity to support them.

Thank you for taking the time to read about my adventure.


Check out Critical Kit here:

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