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About Cast Party

Cast Party is a Top #30 Actual Play Dungeons & Dragons Podcast that is making waves across the TTRPG Community. With the perfect balance of comedy and tragedy, your new favourite D&D podcast will have you smiling ear to ear, while you invest yourself in these lovable characters and immerse yourself in our deep, unique story.

The Setting & Story

Cast Party revolves around a group of Cast & Crew members on set for Hollywood's next big Fantasy film called "Through The Realms Of Myria". During the filming of the climactic final scene, a spell is spoken from the movie script, accidentally teleporting the nearby Cast & Crew (The D&D Party) into the world of Fendraeya. A realm of magic, monsters, wonder, and conflict. The Cast & Crew is on their own to discover their newfound powers, the history of this mysterious land, and how they might be able to get back to their normal lives in Los Angeles.

The Cast & Their Guest Adventurers
Colin McManus, Ry McManus, Anna Brisbin, Nigel Deakin, and Vince Perrino form the party of "accidental" heroes trying to get back to LA, whilst guests so far have included; Ginny Di, Thomas Sanders, and Gabe Hicks.

What Do The Critcs Say...

Cast Party has accumulated over 500 Five Star reviews across all podcasting platforms, including Spotify & Apple Podcasts.

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