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Samurai Goths of the Apocalypse TTRPG: PDF


You’re goths with samurai swords in an apocalyptic world. Unlikely heroes fighting back an ever-encroaching, ever-hungry, evil known as The Gloom.

It’s an unwinnable war, but maybe you’ll win just enough battles to keep yourself and your friends from being consumed into its endless ranks...maybe...


An original ttrpg where gonzo survival horror, meets over-the-top Samurai action movie, where all of the protagonists are variations of Wednesday Addams and Peter Steele.

It’s goths with Samurai swords going out on dangerous missions, hacking through hoards of gnarly mutants and monsters, to an alternate modern day post-apocalyptic backdrop.

It can be as epic, bonkers, chilling, or emotive as you like!


Played using simple d6 dice pools and is powered by our very own rules lite CONSUMED6 system!

Pick up and play in minutes with super quick character creation, as well as tools for the Gloom Weaver (our DM/GM equivalent) to create missions and monsters just as quickly!


Samurai Goths of the Apocalypse is ideal for short campaign play and one-shots, with rules that ttrpg beginners and veterans alike should grasp quickly and enjoy.

Samurai Goths of the Apocalypse TTRPG: PDF

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