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Uknite the Realm
"Roll Crits // Slay Pits"

For over two decades we've listened to heavy metal music, played to thousands of people in extreme metal bands, escaped to a multiverse of fantastical realms at the gaming table, and rolled a countless number of dice. We've pored over an abundance of grimdark artwork, stories, and lyrics, as well as creating tons of each of our own!

a love for the process...

Through our time in bands we've always enjoyed being a part of the merch creation process; working with artists to bring lyrics to life and spending hours playing around with layouts for t-shirts, album covers, and tour posters. 


for heavy metal nerds...

Uknite the Realm Apparel is the symbiotic merging of all of these passions and the incredible journeys they've taken us on.


We're here to bring you your heavy metal nerd fashion fix! Quality alternative clothing and awesome fits, all with gnarly as hell artwork from some of the very best heavy metal and fantasy artists around!


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